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  1. blizasrapowealucbilicuagulboode.coinfo is a fact-checking website produced by Voice of America (VOA) and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL). The website serves as a resource for verifying the increasing volume of disinformation and misinformation being distributed and shared globally.
  2. LAFAYETTE POLYGRAPH Lafayette Instrument Company is the world's leading manufacturer of Polygraph instrumentation and equipment, distributing credibility assessment instruments to private examiners, government, and military organizations around the world.
  3. Employee Polygraph Protection Act of bans the use of polygraph tests for pre-employment screening because they work. New Mexico allows polygraph results to be submitted as evidence in court. The FBI and CIA use the polygraph.
  4. At present, the polygraph is being relied upon to a much greater degree than it deserves be. It is now the primary tool used to protect our national security, and polygraph "testing" is the sole determinant of the suitability of applicants for positions with the federal government.
  5. The Polygraph enables the evaluation of the instructions namely at a certainty of up to 99%. Based on biological measurements invisible reactions such as increase in blood pressure or fine perspiration on the skin are evaluated and presented in the form of a graph. Thus, deviations from the norm are visible.
  6. The term "polygraph" literally means "many writings." The name refers to the manner in which selected physiological activities are simultaneously recorded. Polygraph examiners my use conventional instruments, sometimes referred to analog instruments, or computerized instruments. It is important to understand what a polygraph examination entails.
  7. A professionally administered polygraph examination can, with a great deal of accuracy and reliability, identify guilt, eliminate falsely accused suspects, verify witnesses’ statements or an informant’s information and confirm the veracity of an individual’s statement.
  8. Jefferson first acquired the letter-copying device he called "the finest invention of the present age" in March of 1 Invented and named by Englishman John Isaac Hawkins, the polygraph used the principles of the pantograph, a draftsman's tool for reducing and enlarging drawings. 2 The writer's hand moves one pen whose action is duplicated by the second one, producing a copy strikingly like the .
  9. The polygraph, known more commonly as the “lie detector,” has a long and controversial history as a forensic tool, but it has also been used in a variety of other contexts, including employment blizasrapowealucbilicuagulboode.coinfo U.S. federal government, through a variety of agencies, carries out thousands of polygraph tests each year on job applicants and current employees, and there are inevitable disputes.

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