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Poisson Cru

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  1. Jan 31,  · Poisson cru, for example, is the French name that translates into English as “raw fish.” The Tahitian name for it, which is the lesser known of the two, is e’ia ota. In Tahitian and neighboring languages like Samoan, ota means “raw” while e’ia is the Tahitian way of saying “fish.”Author: Heather Rodgers.
  2. 2 oct. - Découvrez le tableau "poisson cru" de christiana passavant sur Pinterest. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème Poisson cru, Cuisine, Recette pins.
  3. Poisson cru tahitien ou «i'a ota» en tahitien. Jackie - Du poisson cru tahitien, Tahiti, la Polynésie Française, terre lointaine qui fait rêver avec ses lagons bleus turquoises, ses vahinés, ses fonds marins ses plages Je me suis régalée de ce poisson à la tahitienne. Avec du Mahi mahi c’est tout.
  4. May 19,  · Poisson Cru from French Polynesia. May 19, by Alyssa. Did you read our interesting story about Laurence, who moved her family to tropical paradise? She was kind enough to share her recipe for a traditional French Polynesian dish called poisson cru (“raw fish” in French).
  5. Tahiti – Poisson Cru. It started because they said it couldn’t be done. Polynesians navigated their world on canoes following the stars. Modern seafarers proved it was true. Meet a crewmember on the Hokulea worldwide voyage traversing the planet with a stop at his ancestral home. A family moment to remember and a dish never to forget.
  6. Poisson Cru was a coconut milk based ceviche that was too die for! Calamari fries are so tasty.
  7. Add the fish to a medium size bowl. Pour the limejuice over the fish and mix well so each piece is coated in limejuice. Cover with plastic wrap and allow to rest in fridge for 20 minutes. After the.
  8. Poisson Cru (a.k.a. “E’ia Ota” or “‘Ota ‘Ika”) is the national dish of Tahiti and the islands of French Polynesia, made of raw fish marinated in fresh lime juice and coconut milk. The version that Ari made for us consisted of Ahi, cucumbers, carrots, onions.
  9. Iv'e been eating Poisson Cru for over 30 years on Moorea and Heifara's. at Snack Mahana is the best on the island. Wash it down with a cold Hinano. Snack Mahana is one of the very few restaurants on Moorea that serves beer in a cold glass) and save your bread so after you almost done you can soak up the coconut milk and enjoy every last bit of the Cru.

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