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  1. When To Fertilize A Lawn – A General Guide If you are looking for a quick and easy guide for when to fertilize a lawn, late summer and fall are the optimal times for most lawns. This is contrary to the popular belief that spring is the best time to fertilize.
  2. (third-person singular simple present fertilizes, present participle fertilizing, simple past and past participle fertilized) To make (the soil) more fertile by adding nutrients to it. (figuratively) To make more creative or intellectually productive. to fertilize one's imagination.
  3. fertilize verb [T] (EGG/SEED) to cause an egg or seed to start to develop into a new young animal or plant by joining it with a male cell: Bees fertilize the flowers by bringing pollen. Once an egg is .
  4. Finally a certain female scientist announced the fact that she had discovered a method whereby eggs might be fertilized by chemical means after they were laid- .
  5. Mar 05,  · Fertilizers give plants essential nutrients to survive and thrive. Learn the basics so you can choose the best fertilizer for your lawn, garden and landscape.
  6. Mar 31,  · Fertilize warm season grasses when the grass begins to turn green at the beginning of spring. Fertilize the lawn again just after the hottest part of the summer is over. Fertilize cool season grasses after the heat of the summer is over, since their growing season gets under way in early fall%(5).
  7. to render (the female gamete) capable of development by uniting it with the male gamete. to fecundate or impregnate (an animal or plant). to make fertile; enrich: to fertilize farmland.
  8. A single sperm fertilizes an egg. Bees fertilize plants as they collect nectar from flowers.
  9. Aug 03,  · Fertilize definition: When an egg from the ovary of a woman or female animal is fertilized, a sperm from the | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

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